• Douglas A. Schow, M.D.

    Full Vasectomy Reversal Price: $5,000.00
    Procedures Performed: 1800
    Success Rate: 97

    Dr. Schow completed Medical School at the University of Minnesota and his residency in Urological Surgery at the Medical Center Hospital of Vermont in Burlington, Vermont. He went on to complete a Fellowship in Male Infertility and Erectile Dysfunction at the University of Minnesota. He served as Staff Urologist and read more

  • Dr. Shu

    Full Vasectomy Reversal Price: $2,600.00
    Success Rate: 95

    Dr. Steven Shu, M.D., MBA, is a board certified laser surgeon who specializes in office procedures. He provides a wide range of procedural services above and beyond typical medicine and does numerous office procedures every year. Dr. Shu developed all new protocols and standards for the office procedures, thereby distinguishing read more